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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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It also happens to be a re-working of the classic "Ferris Wheel Speech" from The Third Man
I must have seen that scene a hundred times. Not because I wanted to, but because my English teacher chose that scene as part of our comparative writing essay for my class's Leaving Cert exam. He'd never show the whole movie, just that scene over and over and over and over again, all the while enthusing about its brilliance. I think I had to compare it with the scene from Othello where Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is having an affair, and the scene from Remains of the Day where Miss Kenton thinks Stevens is reading a racy book. I can't remember why we were comparing those scenes, I think my teacher just liked them and came up with some BS tying them together.

Ties of Blood and Water (****)

I'll never forget the day my father died. It was just a normal Saturday, he was relaxing when the TV stopped working, he went to fix it, and he was struck by a sudden electric shock that stopped his heart. He died right in front of my eyes. So I quit the household and reloaded from earlier that morning. I should probably have mentioned that this happened in The Sims and that my real father is still alive and well. Sorry if I confused anyone.

This episode has a lot going for it; emotion, politics, death, poison, flashbacks, smugness, and continuity. At it's core is a well-told story about Kira's fear of facing the death of those she cares about, and particularly the wound of her father's death and how she ran away so as not to face it. It's a great story with great acting and great characters. Kira's backstory has provided a wealth of meaty material for the show, and it does it once again here. My one problem with it is that Kira explains her emotional journey at the end of the episode, which felt unnecessary, but Nana Visitor gave it her all and just about manages to sell the scene regardless.

Meanwhile the show returns to Cardassian politics after its absence following the Dominion coup. We get to see Dukat in his new role, which is both fun and frightening. It's a bit weird that Dukat doesn't visit Ziyal, at least not on screen, but I suppose such a scene might have just been a distraction from the rest of the story. This episode also contains the reintroduction of Weyoun, which has to have been one of the best decisions DS9 ever made. It may seem a bit weird to reinterpret an entire species just to bring back an actor, but Weyoun is such a wonderful character that it's forgiveable, and his resurrection was worth it just for the poison scene alone.
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