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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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This needs to be Star Trek-related, guys.
Let see if we can.

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Besides the Federation is supposed to be a utopia, wouldn't a Utopian have civilian involvement in how the government is run? It be more like a dystopia if the civilians had no real say in how the government is run.
If communications were up to it, the (hopefully well educated) general populace of the Federation could be involved to the point where they directly ran the governance of the Federation, leaving the Council to handle only fast paced problems. Certainly by the 24th century the populace would be directly deciding what the Federations general policies would be.

Soon after the Federation enter into one of it frequent wars, there would be a referendum as to whether to continue at all, or what the Federation's "exit strategy" would be.

There could be a Federation wide plebiscite to permit a new member (like Bajor) to join. Or to expel a member species homeworld.

Pavonis wrote: View Post
Starfleet doesn't seem to concern itself with anything smaller than the Federartion government.
When T'Pau told Starfleet to stay off Kirk's back at the end of Amok Time, Starfleet listen up rather quickly. And Starfleet was less than all powerful in the Face of Ardana's government.

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1 September 1949: Invasion of Poland by the German Reich. Start of World War II in Europe.
Sci, correct me if I'm wrong, but Germany's invasion of Poland was in 1939.

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