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Re: Was there ever a planet, where u said... "Surely that's good enoug

I feel time zone disadvantaged. You guys from down under have all these great discussions while I'm in bed ... No fair.
On the other hand, it gives a great opportunity to pile in with a collective statement.

Reading between the lies -- well, dear, I do that professionally and believe me, you need more than a nose clip and rubber gloves. How about a hazmat suit, armed guards and a geiger counter?

So our friend GG is a smartypants, eh. Thanks for whoever pointed it out -- I'd never have guessed... As for what's in them, emm ... no comment. Some things are best left to the imagination the younger generation seems to lack.

As for age? Age is not for sissies, but as Indiana Jones said, it's not the years, it's the mileage. I wear both with pride. Hell, I even stopped dying my hair! :-)

Have a great day all -- it's a holiday here!!!
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