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Re: No News, No Nothing!!

^^Interesting article. I'll agree one of the reasons I didn't bother with Super 8 was the fact that there was no indication at all what it was about. But the primary reason was that it was an Abrams movie, and I am in no mood for anymore of his GNDNMFs (Goes Nowhere Does Nothing Mind Fucks). I'll only bother with Trek XII because it is Star Trek.

But as much as I hate Abrams's uber secrecy and clamp down of info, I'm afraid I don't agree it'll hurt the box office. This is a Star Trek movie, I have no doubt that by May there will be some sort of Star trek presence to make the general public aware. TV commercials, action figures, Burger King promotions, the works. My main pet peeve is that not everyone is as secretive as Abrams. I cna think of plenty of movies released here lately in which the producers/directors/stars revealed a lot more than we know about Trek XII and those movies did fine. For example, even though the role he was playing was initially not revealed when it was announced Tom Hardy was going to be in The Dark Knight Rises, we found out over a year before the movie's release that he was playing Bane. Just when do we find out who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing? All we know is that maybe he's Khan, but possibly he's Gary Mitchell. He's probably not Cloud William and definitely not Charile X.
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