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May I congratulate you, sir, for you have one of the most closed minds I have the misfortune of interacting with. You have the same mentality as those who smeared both Galileo and Copornicus. Please, give yourself a nice pat on the back, sir. I do believe that Mr. Schickelgruber would have pinned a medel on your chest for that paragraph.
Like I said before, you've got to give people some type of evidence. I simply don't buy that paintings somehow represent proof of alien involvement. Is imagination something unique to modern man? I simply don't buy that people couldn't have built things like the pyramids. The Romans were able to build bridges, aqua-ducts and even a coliseum without modern tools.

You've got to offer more than, "I don't know, therefore aliens" as proof for these theories. Give me an alien rivet or gum wrapper or something... anything that is tangible proof.
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