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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Yeah. There really isn't much reason either of those books needed to be as long as they were. There is a reason most of these events were intended to be skimmed over in flashbacks originally. One book comprised just of the important stuff happening to just the important characters would have been plenty and probably much stronger. Here's hoping the next couple are a return to form.
Important things happened in the last two books? You could have fooled me.

All I remember is Dany sitting on her ass doing nothing and Tyrion riding a pig. Also lots and lots of desciption of food by Martin.
Some important stuff happened - for example Cercei's (and probably the Lannisters) downfall, Ironborn creating problems in places where they weren't seen for centuries, Jon allows wildlings to cross to the southern side of the Wall and resettle the abandoned castles, Stannis tries to conquer the North. Oh, and the winter finally came.

It's not that AFFC and ADWD had nothing happening in them, it's just that chapters where important stuff happened were mixed with lots of chapters that were basically a pointless filler, and every single storyline in those books ended with a cliffhanger. Indeed, GRRM needs much better editors.
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