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Re: Locutus and Ben Sisko

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^ I didn't say that the loss wouldn't have happened, so of course she was and would still be dead. The feeling of loss was still very real, and you don't just get over that in a day. If they had come to some kind of better footing a few seasons later, that would have made more sense because Sisko would have had time to grieve and start to rebuild his life and learn to let go of some of his anger and resentment. It's too bad that episode didn't happen, but it wasn't necessary because you could tell he'd done that as time went by anyway.
Getting over the feeling of loss and forgiving Picard for something Sisko logically knows that Picard had absolutely no control over are two different things entirely.

He could have still forgived Picard, realized they were both victims of the borg, which they were, and still felt plenty of pain. Perhaps it would be even worse now because he had no one to blame. Sometimes pain is easier to deal with when you have a scapegoat.

It would have made Sisko seem like less of an ass and more likeable in the first episode.
But that's just it. Your head can know one thing, but your heart just can't let go (at least not at first). Like in Game of Thrones, think of the wife that's mean to the child her husband had out of wedlock because he cheated on her. The child is innocent, but that doesn't stop the wife from hating him. Cat's worse because she didn't let it go and held onto her hate. She seemed to forgive her husband, but not the child he had that did nothing wrong. Other women in the same situation (one I've known) come around before the child is old enough to be affected by their initial hurt/hate.

In Sisko's case, it's very realistic for his rage to be triggered just by seeing Picard, and for him to just glaze over what he was feeling like he was okay with dealing the the man that was responsible (even though he really wasn't - again, we're talking about feelings and grief) would have cheapened the loss and memory of his dead wife. You can know that it wasn't someone's fault, but you still can't deal with them because it's just too hard. That's what was great about that scene. We get to see Sisko having a very hard time dealing with someone that he wasn't ready to deal with just yet.

You can say he seemed like an ass, but I'd say he seemed like a human being.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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