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Re: how many people on a transporter

How many Enterprise crew were in the two combined landing parties in "The Apple"?

How many Enterprise and Klingon personnel beamed up from Beta XII-A in "Day of the Dove"?
Nine and nine. That is, six plus three materializing on the planet in "The Apple", and nine simultaneously dematerializing in "Day of the Dove" and then four plus five materializing aboard the ship.

The manipulation of people-in-transit in "Day of the Dove" is pretty cool without actually being too intricate: the Klingons get delayed, and then turned around so that the security team can grab them from behind... No need to "deactivate weapons" or any subtle stuff like that!

Four are the familiar main operational stations, two are cargo transporters
...So, do we see a cargo transporter in "Dagger of the Mind" where only cargo is supposedly being handled, and the stowaway within it ends up somewhere near Deck 14? Or would that be one of the four personnel transporters, as it's identical to them in design?

Timo Saloniemi
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