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Any groups working on Trek 4X strategy games?

I want to create one from scratch. I envision a hex based game with a Civilization flavor.

Playable races would be Cardassian, Klingon, Romulan and Federation. Year range would be 2154-2500.

I have several fleshed out ideas for the tech trees.

Federation would have: advanced sensors, project genesis, neutral zone, advanced warp, tachyon net and other techs.

Romulans: cloak, improved cloak, sneak attack, some sort of epsionage/sabotage bonuses and others.

Cardassians: Advanced spying/sabotage, DMZ, occupation/subjigation bonus, others.

Klingon: unknown

You would have some sort of internal happiness metric that you would need to maintain or face a penalty. I propose that you you lose the Presidency of the Federation for 2-4 turns. The Klingons would have some sort of civil war.

The Romulans would be similar to the Federation but perhaps the period of paralysis would be shorter before the Senate confirms a new leader.

The Cardassians will be weak so I propose giving them no penalty. You are the gestalt embodyment of the Military.

Could this be done in Java? Are other people working on anything similar? I know there is some sort of BotF clone game out there but I want something that is true Trek and slightly simpler if possible.
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