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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Well it was enough to remind me to get 15. I really liked it. Might be my favorite one to date. It's definitely the first time the cliff hanger has left me really anxious for the next one.

One thing I forgot to ask last week and am still a bit confused about: is that supposed to be Sawyer with Turpin? (I assume it is.) I don't remember anyone saying the woman's name and I tried to go back and find a still where she had her name bag showing. But I may have missed either.

If it is, then it sure seems like her career is going backwards. When she first appeared in "Insurgence," she was a captain. Then when she came back in the later years she was downgraded to detective. Now she's ridding patrol?

Still, it's nice to see them together. I was a little disappointed when they couldn't fit Teed into "Bulletproof" somehow.
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