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Re: Was there ever a planet, where u said... "Surely that's good enoug

The Federation folks were repulsed by the Sona's skin tightening which they took to be the height of vanity.

Remember that barfly in TNG Tapestry?

"No, no, you're not old at all, You're a handsome woman."

Picard was lucky that all he got was a drink in the face.

In TNG Too Short a Season, didn't the admirals wife says "Be a kid again? Fuck that."

Picard could have stayed young in Rascals, but opted not to because Worf was a dick. make up your mind Worf! You pick a 70 year old human as your best man to kill all your enemies while you're busy, becuase he's cool on the inside, but you can't make the same allowances for a boy with picards soul in him? it's no wonder CAPTAIN Data had to threaten demotion before you'd stopped acting like jerk to your superiors.
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