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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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Except that the rule of film editing is to cut everything. This scene is nice, but it doesn't advance the story, so I see why it was cut.
It may not enhance the story but it does add more depth to a character which in of itself "advances the story." It make us see and feel that much more in connection with Steve and how out of place he is. I don't think we quite, completely, get it in the movie as it is. Even Cap's own movie ends the moment he wakes up so we don't get much time dealing with Cap adjusting to life 70/80 years in the future. And unless Cap's second movie takes place before Avengers we're not likely to see much (if ever) of Cap trying to adjust to life in the 21st century.
For me, and for many of us, the future is now in the past.
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