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Re: Best DS9 characters

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^Well, I'd think everyone would've known, ahead of time....

It's the other four that would provide new insights on my part, to some extent.
Yeah, I know. You're such a good sport, man.

I suppose I should do a list:

1.) Kira Nerys - because she's kick-ass and strong, but can also show a softer side. And she really grows throughout the series, perhaps more than anyone else.

2.) Garak - Plain, simple, Garak had me hooked from his very first appearance. His interactions with Bashir were simply fascinating, whether you (like me) saw the slashy undertones or not. The combination of great writing and superb acting by Andrew Robinson breathed a wonderful life into this enigmatic character. Not to mention that Robinson was so invested in Garak that he actually penned a book from Garak's POV which fleshed out our favorite Cardassian even further. "A Stitch in Time" is by far the best Trek lit I've ever read, and I highly reccommend it to any fan of the show or the character.

3.) Weyoun - he defined the Vorta. Jeffrey Combs made the character slimy, yet somehow elegant, and at times, someone we could almost empathize with despite ourselves. He wasn't just some sycophant saying what he thought his superiors wanted to hear - he truly believed in what he was preaching, which made it all the more evident that behind that pleasant smile, there was man who wouldn't hesistate to commit genocide in the name of his gods. Another example of excellent writing and excellent acting coming together to make a character far more compelling than you would have thought.

4.) Dukat - arguably Star Trek's greatest villian, he was so charismatic that despite his awful deeds, to this day there are fans that try to defend his actions. He started out as a complete villian, then he seemed to be working his way to some sort of redemption, and then he was plunged into a deeper darkness and evil than he had been before, ultimately become something like a Satan to Sisko's Christ. "Waltz" remains one of my favorite episodes of all. Marc Alaimo capture's Dukat's descent into complete madness with chilling perfection.

5.) Sisko. When we first meet him, he is a broken man, haunted by his past, almost ready to give up. Slowly, we watch him grow into his role as Emmisary, watch him accept his destiny, watch him find love again, watch him go from commander to captain. He's a soldier, a father, a reluctant religious icon ... and damned fine cook to boot. Don't mess with the Sisko!

6.) And finally ... Jake. Yeah, I know, but honestly, he gets major bonus points for essentially being the anti-Wesley. He sort of fades into the background in later season, but early on he has some episodes in which he really shines. "The Visitor" still breaks my heart a little bit. The relationship between father and son is truly touching, and from what I understand, Avery Brooks and Cirroc Lofton didn't have to do much acting there, because they actually became that close in real life.

So there's my list y'all.
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