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Re: Is Wrath of Khan Overrated

I do find that "The Best Trek Film" by the fan's vote is TWOK...however the best Trek film measured by the real measure of number of "butts in the seats" was The Voyage Home..

To me it's what ever Trek film I'm in the mood for at the time...but it's NOT Nemesis, Insurrection, Generations or The Final Frontier.. all those were stinkburgers period..

In the main TWOK created the Trek Film franchise mold to which they were
made ( modest budgets, decent special effects, for max return on the investment)

It's Economical Space Opera, something that TMP didn't grasp and Nemesis forgot..

I find that the TNG films try too hard to be action movies without remembering that the TNG series wasn't about the action it was about the DRAMA..

Picard wasn't an 80s action hero..but they tried to make him one..

and that's why the TNG films, for the most part, missed the target.

First Contact's flaws made TWOK seem like Citizen Kane in comparison.

It's not that I didn't enjoy First Contact, but it's story isn't as well constructed as Khan
or The Voyage Home.. and of all the Trek films, The Voyage Home has the best construction..

But I like Wraith of Khan MORE than The Voyage Home..Maybe it's watching the Shat meet his match in overacting..
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