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Re: Cabin in the Woods - Grading, Discussion, Spoilers

I saw this last night for the first time.

It was definitely clever and engaging, but overall a big WTF!?

How did Topher survive a machete in the back? His shirt didn't even have a hole in it when he came back...did he have time to change after trowling the zombie?

So, these gods....are they like the Titans or something? Why would they stay down there in exchange for a couple of grisly murders now and then?

What's the deal with the zombies running loose? I guess since those idiotic kids decided to let the world die rather than sacrifice themselves, it doesn't make any difference.

There were some great scenes (the motorcycle jump into the barrier, the celebration as the girl was getting mauled at the docks), and lots of potential.

I don't know. I was hoping to like it more. Maybe I need to watch it again to see what I missed. As it is, I gave it a "so-so".
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