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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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RE: The Electoral College.

This to me is a counterbalance, as a way of preventing pure democracy turning into mob rule.
I have seen that bandied around quite a bit, but it never seen to me more than vague grandstanding. Any arguments in support to your claim?

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Any goverment system is imperfect. The American system is the least imperfect, and best system human beings have managed to create so far.
Hardly. It's a good system, but definitively not the best there is. Germany's systems are much less antagonistic while preserving healthy (and heated) debate, the French is a good compromise between presidential and parliamentary, and even the British one has its interesting features (I would generally say that somethings as deeply undemocratic as the House of Lords is a load of crap, and yet they play a surprisingly effective role at stopping populist legislation and to provide a cool voice in troubled times). If you are curious, the Italian one is shit, tho.

Uh. The House of Lords is unelected. The Prime Minister is not the Head of State. I'd say these are more than cosmetic differences.


Think again.

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In most cases, not without revolution. The US is different in this regard, in that the methodology to change the Constitution is part of it's design (Amendment process).

But it requires pretty monumental hurdles to be overcome, far beyond quietly changing laws via routine votes.
I'd take you are not very acquainted with other countries' constitution.

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So how many other Constitutions place significant limits on the powers of the Government?
I'll go on a limb here and say: all the Western liberal democracies, at least.
So what National constitutions have express limitations of the powers of the Government in their Constitutions?

Could you educate me by naming names here?
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