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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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The only things we know about the minimum requirements of a government to petition federation membership is that they're postwarp, represent the entire planet, and that there is no cast system presupposing leadership.

I wonder what some grounds be for expulsion from the Federation might be?
This is something I have been curious about, what gets you thrown out of the club? If they have a production problem with their ability to manufacture warp drive engines domestically, do they get suspended? What if they "out-sourced" production to the Betazed, they imported their engines?

And what if they alway obtained their warp engines from someone else, been doing this for five hundred years?

Hypothetical, after becoming a member, Bajor decides to return to their per-occupation caste system after all, the Federation is told formally that this is going to happen (the Bajorians hide nothing), and the caste system becomes a reality. Because Bajor is a Federation member would Starfleet be sent in the "save" the Bajorian people from a decision that many of them might agree with, Bajor is literally force to dissolve the system, or would they be expelled?

How about a political schism on a member world, and they lose their single government status and divide into three countries. The prospect of joining the Federation cause them to form a one world government, but that impetus is gone now that they're in. Do they sent three separate representatives to the council?

Each of their three states has a population larger than some Federation members with a one state political.

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