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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

103. Lawless (B-)

Haven't had much time for filmgoing in the last week or so, what with moving to Kingston for school.

Prohibition drama set in the rural South, which is a bit of a novelty compared to most gangster films from the era. It's basically pulp storytelling, with lots of blood and nudity (and very thick, occasionally incomprehensible accents). Shia LaBoeuf is actually pretty decent (it helps his character is meant to be a milquetoast), though he has a pretty severe case of retaining too much of his boyish looks well into adulthood (particularly pronounced in the epilogue). Tom Hardy is better, Guy Pearce is a lot of fun as the villain (since it's an R-rated film, he gets to be really bad), and there's a bunch of other people who frequently aren't used to their potential. Mia Wasikowska as LaBoeuf's love interest, in particular, has a severe case of "why are you in this movie?"; Jessica Chastain as Hardy's has a bit more of a role (and looks good naked), but it's not very demanding either. It's a perfectly fun diversion, but not anything more.

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