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I think it would take maybe 8 hours to cross rough terrain in deep snow to reach the outpost (possibly a longer if you compare mileage with sleds for arctic expeditions)
Considering Nero had just arrived at Earth when the Enterprise had just caught up to the Narada after flying towards the laurentian system and then turning back to earth after Kirk got back on board they didn't seem to be on Delta Vega long.

but he and Spock also seem to spend the night in the cave so it's probably much longer.
Considering the ticking clock I doubt that.
Yeah the timings are a bit vague. We don't know how long Kirk was unconscious, we know the distance to the base but not exactly how long it would take someone to walk (although apparently walking long distances in heavy snow takes a lot longer than you think), and while it's clear that Kirk and Spock chat for quite some time, we don't know how long, and we don't know how cold the planet get when the sun goes down or when the sun goes down.

Even assuming the minimum timings it must be at least 6 hours during daylight. Scotty should have responded long before.

The time issue regarding Nero and the Enterprise arriving at Earth is another timeline that is a bit fudged up. The Enterprise is travelling away from the Earth for several (say 6+) hours at less than warp 4 but Nero's 24th century ship is heading straight to Earth. Why would Nero travel at such a slow speed? He want's the security pre-fix codes from Pike, which implies he has no cloaking device (it isn't clear why he was able to blast Vulcan to smithereens without security codes but he might have taken Vulcan prisoners, later blown up by Kirk to get this information). However, since Pike has been taken prisoner, surely Starfleet would change its codes because presumably somebody (Spock or Scotty or Keenser?) would have thought to warn Starfleet Command of Pike's capture? Since every shuttle has a long distance communications system, it becomes hard to see in what way travelling slowly to Earth would help Nero. alternatively, assuming that every shuttles communications are also down, a trip to the nearest communications array would be the priority.
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