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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Surprised by some of the negativity here...

Well not really.

First my review.

In a word: Amazing.

Kirsten Beyer has handled an impossible task with skill and grace. The Eternal Tide was exciting, interesting, and engrossing. She handled multiple story lines, did a fantastic job with the Q (and the Q, Q, Q, and Q) which is always a challenge, and even managed to get me to like Chakotay. She handled a deep scientific concept with a Christopher Bennett like - skill, and was able to convey the deep emotions experienced by the families (Voyager's, Q's, and Eden's) that were the heart of the story. She even managed to use the "mysterious anomaly" story structure without an eye - rolling moments. Kudos to you Ms. Beyer.

This book places Kirsten in my mind as an equal to David Mack, and she was able to repair a hole in the Star Trek universe in a way guaranteed to make both sides of the "Janeway" debate a little peeved, which is the best way to handle the whole situation, in my opinion.

This book is a fitting conclusion to the Voyager quadrology (?) and I hope that Kirsten will please grace us with another wonderful story very, very soon.
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