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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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KM: How old are you?

Fan: 28.

KM:The age of my son... but don't let that stop you.

KM: Come to the mike... come to the mike...

Fan: I don't even know what to do now.

KM: (Throaty growl) Oh yes you do... oh yes you do!
OMG.. how absolutely delicious..
I THOUGHT you'd appreciate that. I finally got to the end of the con tape yesterday and just had to post it.

Later on in his Q&A, he asks as someone who works in TV, how should he treat actors (she includes "actresses") and she tells him to FLATTER the actress to the point were he secretly wants to throw up...since the more he flatters the actor the more the performer is inclined to be ambitious on the guy's behalf...

... then she tells him "You just keep going the way you're going Pal... cuz you're going the right way."

(LAUGHTER & clapping ensues throughout the auditorium)

Two questioners later, she pulls out that throaty salutation that Eddie McKlintock (sp?) from Warehouse 13 said she used on him the first time she met him.

To the questioner she purred... "What's your question Darling..."

You would appreciate his question, when he finally got to it, because it was about DragonAge and Flemeth, and she promptly went into Flemeth's voice to answer him.

She really enjoyed the questioner after him... who was dressed as Seven of Nine!

As an afficiando of Mulgrew's facial expressions, you would the myriad that flash across her face as she listens to the female fan gush over her.

Mulgrew... pure unadulterated Mulgrew, showing what it looks like when you flatter an actress to the point of secretly... well, you know.

Oh ETA this gif...

... is from the answer to Seven of Nine's question about coffee. Mulgrew made a funny retort and then realized (?) what she said and did the face palm.
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