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Re: Is Wrath of Khan Overrated

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Is Wrath Of Khan overrated?
Yeah, it is. It's not even the best film of the TOS films, let alone all of them. Personaly, every TNG film tops any TOS film. Generations being my favourate. The first film ever was the worst one, they all looked so camp in that. Still prefer it to Voyeger though. Voyeger sucks.

you think INS or NEM top TWOK, TVH, or TUC?

That's an interesting perspective. Is it the action, the characters, ? I'd be curious to read why.
For me personally, it is largely the characters. TOS guys feel I dunno, wooden, it's not that they're unlikeable as such, just boring. They just don't demand attention on screen (with the exception of Sulu in Flashback). For example in Generations Shatner is pretty much in the background, he's overwhelmed by the others because they're much better actors. Or is that just because Shatner's terrible?
And there's also the quality of the effects when compared to the other stuff. The spin-off Treks, for me, look newer that stuff that's new now (except early TNG but that has a few issues), including XI which hasn't aged well, but then I'm not really a fan of that style of special effects - Transformers and the like. But I could be bias having grown up on them. Sometimes older stuff will look good (Aliens, for example) but it is good Trek hasn't been given the Lucas treatment and continually been edited and re-mastered whenever the software gets an update.
The TNG films also have much better pacing, the actions faster and the drama doesn't waffle on.
I split the TNG and TOS films up, because of the difference in quality - so I'd say TWoK is one of the better TOS films, but not a great Trek film or general film.

That's just my view on the whole thing, I'm not very good at explaining my opinion.
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