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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

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Actually, it was because as IIRC Brannon Braga himself said, the producers DID NOT WANT conflict on Voyager as was originally indicated.

What they wanted was to basically remake ST:TNG in a slightly different setting with a different ship and crew.
I think it was more UPN that wanted to suppress conflict. After all, it was Berman, Piller, and Taylor who created the Maquis specifically in order to give VGR a set of characters that didn't agree with the Starfleet party line and could serve as a source of shipboard conflict. So the producers wanted something that had more built-in conflict than TNG -- and why wouldn't they, after they'd spent years chafing against TNG's restrictions and struggling to come up with good stories without main-character conflict? But UPN insisted "give us more TNG."
Kind of a strange source for conflict though since what little power the Maquis do have exists in the TMZ between the Federation and Cardassian Empire. Otherwise the Maquis are mere criminals in the eyes of the Federation. And the running of a starship isn't a democracy, Janeway can't be taking a poll for any major decision she makes.
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