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Thanks, I was going to make the point about needing to be in the same line to meet. And Kirk was deposited roughly a day's walk from the base with minimal equipment (albeit we don't know how long a day is on this planet and he most likely had survival equipment in his pod that he left behind) so any kind of deviation from a direct line to the base could have added a big time factor to his journey.
Except that Kirk wasn't supposed to leave the escape pod at all; he did so against the explicit advice of the pod's computer. Presumably the intention was that the outpost staff (i.e. Scott & Keenser) would come and get him.
Yeah, that's true - it's one of the plot holes. It would make more sense if the expectation was for the base to transport Kirk off the lifepod after detecting his emergency signal. It must have taken Kirk best part of a day to reach the outpost and yet when they arrive, Scotty thinks they're from a supply ship. It seems the outpost has no long range sensors (didn't notice Nero in their system, Spock's transporter signal, Enterprise passing through, or Kirk's escape pod landing), no localised communications (unaware of life pod's signal even after a day on the planet) and no long range communications (nobody mentions any attempt to warn Earth or anybody else nearby) and yet they can detect the Enterprise at warp and scan with sufficient accuracy to beam someone over a light year using the shuttle.

If Scotty is such a great engineer and has no sensors or communications other than in his shuttle, why hasn't he set up his equipment to monitor the shuttle's systems? I mean we have wi-fi now...
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