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Re: Is Wrath of Khan Overrated

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In that respect Khan is comparable to the Borg in FC, Shinzon in NEM, and Nero in XI. Although no one shows the same adoration for these villains even though in a measurable sense these villains were much more successful. I get the sense Trek fans want Khan to be Trek's Darth Vader and Khan really doesn't have the star power for the role.
The difference between Khan and the rest is that his motivations are simple and make sense. He wants revenge for being dumped on a dead world where no one ever checked up on him and his people.

It's the audience and the fans who have to connect the dots for his motivations. More evidence of the fans filling in the blanks for Khan's character and actions.
The Genesis Device is there simply to up the ante. It's no different than Red Matter or Thalaron radiation. Without it, there's no immediacy to the threat these characters represent.

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Personaly, every TNG film tops any TOS film. Generations being my favourate.
Bias is a bad, bad thing. I love TNG, but the films are a putrid mess. Even First Contact fails simple logic. We have the Borg come all the way across the galaxy then go back in time or else we don't have a movie. If the Borg beam just five drones down to 21st century Earth, it falls PDQ and again we don't have a movie.
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