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Lol - that's why I don't view the griping negatively. Turn that negative into a positive!
Sure, but it can be very destructive. Fans wonder aloud why people think that avid fans are embarrassing, and the fans manage to reinforce the stereotypes while they are in loud denial.
And not only did Kirk & Old Spock have to end up in the same general area as the outpost, Spock had to be on a line between the outpost and where Kirk landed. Imagine two people trying to get to the Empire State Building. Start one in Queen and the other in New Jersey. How likely are they to cross paths before they get to their destination?

There was no leadership shown by Kirk. No reason for why his prime crew was so loyal to him. Why are these people follwoing him other than they get to be on the coolest ship and, in Spock's case, because his older self told him to. Spock-Prime told Kirk about their friendship and yet, at the end, we didn't see Kirk ask Spock to join him. It was all Spock's choice. Everyone seemed to need Kirk. Kirk didn't seem to need anyone.
Thanks, I was going to make the point about needing to be in the same line to meet. And Kirk was deposited roughly a day's walk from the base with minimal equipment (albeit we don't know how long a day is on this planet and he most likely had survival equipment in his pod that he left behind) so any kind of deviation from a direct line to the base could have added a big time factor to his journey.

There were indeed fudged leadership issues because they needed Kirk to be in a position of leadership and they'd decided to make young Spock a senior officer, despite his young age (by removing Pike's first officer). They wanted it to be the Kirk and Spock show as they were the most popular TOS characters and this was a movie to reintroduce us to them. However, I think Serenity shows you can have principle characters who can work really well in a fleshed out ensemble. I would have preferred it if more crew had beamed across to take down Nero. There were several occasions where the mission almost failed due to lack of back-up.

I hope that they get to grips with this issue and don't do illogically under-resourced landing parties in the sequel.
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