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Re: Why didn't Val Kilmer return for Batman & Robin?

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Why didn't Val Kilmer return for Batman & Robin?
He saw "Batman Forever."

He read the "B&R" script.

Do you think Kilmer could have done better than George Clooney if he had kept his job?
No. In Forever Kilmer had all the screen presence of drywall. I'm pretty sure he was given six Valium at the beginning of the day and then filming took place while he was sleepwalking.

For all of the problems "B&R" had, Clooney wasn't one of them. I'd argue he was the best thing about that movie because he was the most believable as Bruce Wayne b/millionaire playboy. He gets a lot of shit over the movie but, really, he had nothing to work with. If it was a much better script I think he could have really pulled it off.

Kilmer? It's easy to forget he's even in the movie even when watching a scene with him in it. When he's in the Riddler Booth "dreaming" bout bats? It's hard to tell the difference between that scene and every other scene he's in during the movie.

Kilmer sucked is what I'm getting at.
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