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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)


Need to let this sink in a while. I liked it, a lot. I suppose there's no need for me to put anything in spoilertags, since appereantly no one seems to bother with this anymore and people felt it neccesary to spoil the return of Janeway quite early in this topic.

In any case, whiping out half the fleet.... Wow. That kinda went far. I mean, out of nowhere, Project Full Circle is Project Less Then Half A Fleet. I thought that with the destruction of Planck in CotS, and the near-destruction of Quirnell (spelling??) we wouldn't see so much destruction that quickly again. No sure how I feel about all this just yet.

Q's involvement (all three of them) was very interesting, but sometimes felt a bit odd. Still, it was welcome seeing them again, and Junior's ultimate fate was interesting, if not a tad out of the blue to me.

Janeway.... I hadn't expected to find her return gratifying. I thought I would hate it, since I'm not a big fan of bringing people back from the dead. And although the entire storyline about how and why still has me feeling a bit 'I dunno' about it all, Kirsten does write Janeway very well, and that made it feel good, I suppose.

And that would be my biggest plus for this novel. Again, Kirsten pulled that part of so well. The Voyager characters feel like the people we got to know on the show. Just as DRGIII knows DS9, Kirsten nows Voyager. It's a very comforting thing, like putting on your favorite slippers.
The only downside to that is, I really wish she would explore the new characters a bit more. The only two non-tvshow characters getting a lot of attention are Nancy and Cambridge. She introduced more new officers then just those two, I'd like to see a little more focus on them. Like the new doctor... I can't even remember his name. There was such a big fuss about him being the first of his species in Starfleet, but he only gets a few cameo-like appereances so far.

I suck at writing reviews, so this is where I'm going to stop. In any case, I'll vote above average. I feel there were certainly a few things not quite right, and few ascpets I really did not like. But overall, I really enjoyed. I'm still looking forward to more Voyager, and that's what a novel should make want; more.
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