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Re: A&E devloping Psycho prequel series

Yeah, Robert Bloch deserves a lot more credit than he ever got. It's a shame, but pretty normal (except for movies that are adapted from "blockbuster" novels where they exploit the connection for publicity).

Anyway, I just found out about this Psycho series and I have mixed feelings. I certainly like the fact that it is (or seems to be) an expansion of the Psycho mythos rather than a re-make, re-imagining, re-boot or other kind of regurgitation. I wonder if it will really be (or even can be) consistent with the backstory in Psycho IV. The biggest problem is that they must re-cast Norman. Norman Bates is one of my all-time favorite characters and I have a really hard time with the re-casting of iconic screen characters; this is one of those cases where the actor really made the character. I know we had another actor playing young Norman in IV, but that was mitigated by having the "aging bad seed" himself present.

I guess I'll give it a try when it appears. There's no way I can resist that spooky motel and mansion-- to me that place is as iconic as Kong Island or the Black Lagoon. But they'll have a hard time pleasing me.
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