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Huh? How is what you said any different from what I said? We both agree that Janeway starts the mission in her 40s, and even a full 70-year trip would still be within a normal human lifespan - so she could theoretically expect to still be in command 70 years later, assuming she didn't become physically or mentally incapacitated or dead.
Janeway was not that old.

From Memory Alpha:

According to an okudagram shown in "The Killing Game", she was born in 2344, however, this would mean she was only 27 in 2371 when she took command of the USS Voyager. For comparison, Mulgrew was 39 when she took the role. Not having played tennis for nineteen years since high school in 2373, Janeway was probably around the age of 35 when Voyager's mission began, placing her actual year of birth closer to 2336.An okudagram biography on the video game Starship Creator Warp II states her birth date as 2332.
Kate Mulgrew stated in an interview on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (18 May 2001) that Admiral Janeway was 76 in "Endgame". It had taken her 23 years to return to Earth and they were celebrating the ten year anniversary at the beginning of the episode, making the year 2404, which puts her year of birth in 2328

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