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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

I almost forgot that issue 15 came out this past Friday...and oh boy we're really moving now in terms of plot development. We are FINALLY introduced to Bruce Wayne who arrives with Barbara Gordon in Metropolis. Bruce is there for a meeting with Luthor. It's not quite clear story wise why Barbara is there (obviously because it is Nightwing) although I suppose we could assume that Babs is Bruce's assistance. She is able to demonstrate an ability to read conversations. I can't help but notice that Miller writes Babs a tiny bit like he wrote Stephanie Brown.

Chris Cross is this issue's guest artist, and I didn't like his work in this one. A little blocky and distorted. I really hope this arc is not going to have rotating guest artists, but that seems to be the case. Oh we get a reference to Veritas, it seems that Lionel attempted to recruit Thomas Wayne into the group but Bruce's father declined the offer. We're also shown Bruno Manheim, the leader of Intergang who is shown in jail reading the Crime Bible whom he states was given to him last season by Godfrey. This is obviously part of the plot being seeded for Miller's upcoming "Crisis". The issue ends with Batman interrogating Manheim in his search for Joe Chill who seems to be an arms dealer or gun runner for Intergang in "Smallville" whom Bruce has tracked to Metropolis, when Superman interrupts him. The two of course then engage in a fight So aside from the art issues, this was once again, fantastic.
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