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Need help with a TOS fan fic

I am not a very experienced writer. I am currently writing a TOS fan fiction that will be 20 to 30 pages long. My problem is, I am trying to write a sub plot where Spock is in command of the bridge, and Scotty is trying to fix the engines.
In order to establish a lot of dialogue between Scotty and Spock, I need to mention a lot of techno babble.

example, Spock says "I thought you said that repair would only take you an hour."

"Aye, sir, that's when I had assumed the X was merely misaligned, but it turns out that it's not just the X but also the X, the whole thing burnt out and welded itself together, I can't even get to it until I remove the X."

"well how long will this take?"

"honestly sir, 1 to 5 hours"

"that's a considerable margin of error."

"well it will be an additional hour to repair the X, but if the cause of the entire malfunction is X, I will have to completely dismantle the X, recalibrate by hand, re-assemble the X, bleed the X dry, and run low level diagnostics. The diagnostics alone is going to be 45 minutes, if I skip those, there's a greater chance X will blow up all of engineering than actually bringing warp drive back on. And my two best officers are in sick bay, sir"

In the above statements, all of the X's need to be filled in with technobabble and jargon. But I don't know how to do this.

I wish I knew more about TOS engineering. Are there any resources that get into some TOS technobabble or theory of how the ship runs?
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