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Lol - that's why I don't view the griping negatively. Turn that negative into a positive!
Sure, but it can be very destructive. Fans wonder aloud why people think that avid fans are embarrassing, and the fans manage to reinforce the stereotypes while they are in loud denial.

There's many different kinds of fans. Some want to see Trek tell better, more compelling and thought provoking stories. Some, swallow up anything with a Star Trek logo on it regardless of quality. Some, just tune in for the space battles. If anything, the fans that get the most negative press are those that dress in costume simply because they're the most visible. Don't limp everyone into one group. Sure;y, the disagreements that happen on here are proof that there is no one kind of fan.

Did Spock actually expect Kirk to set out for the outpost? He had no weapon, no food or survival equipment. Even the pod itself told him to stay put.

And not only did Kirk & Old Spock have to end up in the same general area as the outpost, Spock had to be on a line between the outpost and where Kirk landed. Imagine two people trying to get to the Empire State Building. Start one in Queen and the other in New Jersey. How likely are they to cross paths before they get to their destination?

Unfortunately, this version of Star Trek had it's start as a summer, popcorn movie. Good for the box office. Not so good for serious storytelling.

It was fun. It just doesn't hold up very well to scrutiny. We had a major change for Spock. You can hardly get more life changing than what he went through. Kirk, on the other hand, is pretty much the same person at the end as he is at the beginning. The rest of the crew, as is usual for Trek movies, were pretty much window dressing. They hit their character marks but other than Uhura, we really didn't learn too mcuh about. And even Uhura's stroy was simply as a side story to Spock.

There was no leadership shown by Kirk. No reason for why his prime crew was so loyal to him. Why are these people follwoing him other than they get to be on the coolest ship and, in Spock's case, because his older self told him to. Spock-Prime told Kirk about their friendship and yet, at the end, we didn't see Kirk ask Spock to join him. It was all Spock's choice. Everyone seemed to need Kirk. Kirk didn't seem to need anyone.

That is all.
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