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Re: Rumor: Trek 2013 tidbit

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Will these Hot Wheels ships be around the same size as the ones released during the last movie?

Just curious.....
IIRC, those were also sold as "1/50 scale" (or 1:50) so these will probably be about the same size.
Hot Wheels claim of of 1:50 Scale can not be right though. For instance, the Polar Lights/Round 2 Enterprise is 1/350 scale is something like 32" long. That means at 1:50 Scale the Enterprise-A would be about 21 feet long. There's no way these are 1/50.
No, but everyone should probably have remembered that already, from the last time around.

Per Memory Alpha, referring to the 2009 collection:
Each ship is said to be in 1:50 scale (in reference to collector automobile scales), measures from ten to seventeen centimeters in length, and is packaged with an adjustable plastic stand.
I'd expect the new batch will likely be in the same size range as these were, regardless of the scale figures cited.
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