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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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So, Rodney McKay doesn't need to be bothered with Loaning his body to your husband for stoning in from Destiny, then?
Oh shush you!!!

Actually mr. teacake pretty much looks like Rodney Mckay and is a nerdy math guy. He doesn't talk as much though.

AgentRichard thanks for that Kino, that was good to watch. I completely get that this would be some magnificent kink but I don't quite get the altruism idea. It's not like this is a mutual sexual exchange in this situation since the earth folks are not supposed to do anything that might cause issues with the crew. However if it really didn't bother you I can see it as a fair exchange if you were super curious to be on that ship so far from earth.
And isn't that the Ultimate Turn-On? Someone who looks and acts just like your husband/spouse, and has that extra zest of personality [you notice missing in your spouse from Marriage Knowledge] that REALLY makes you melt?

But, it's cool, I'll just tell Rodney, NEVERMIND
But it's so confusing.. it's like you're having half an affair either way.. you are either cheating on the body or cheating on the mind/personality. And if I had the husband's body but Rodney's mind it might make me miss whatever fabulous Rodney-ness I had gotten to enjoy but if it was the other way around it would be a little too much of the same old thing since they don't look that different so there wouldn't be any real benefits.

Can't we just do a VOY/Stargate crossover and I can have Janeway? We could do it during Endgame and switch Captain Janeway with Admiral Janeway. I don't even care which one you give me since they are both incredibly hot.

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