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Re: Was there ever a planet, where u said... "Surely that's good enoug

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Haha you wrote "T'Pring".

Still, they all look the same.
That wasn't nice.

Nor is it accurate. T'Pring and T'Pau had noticeably different features and hairstyles from each other, let alone those dumb unisex bowl-haircuts used on TNG, DS9, and VOY.

I have a suspicion that the reason Janeway didn't schedule a prolonged stopover on some planet was because she didn't want the crew to get too attached to being on a planet instead of in space. She didn't institute "growing new crew" because - given the increased lifespans of humans in the 24th century - SHE firmly intended to still be Captain when they got back. Janeway was 40-something when the mission started; add 70 years to that, and she'd still be well within human lifespan. So who needs a new generation of crew when Janeway intends to command basically forever?
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