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Re: Is Wrath of Khan Overrated

I think so, but less by trekkies than by popular culture. Of the TOS movies, perhaps of all except the 2009 reboot, TWOK is the most famous. Before Id even started watching Trek I knew that TWOK was supposed to be the best, and even if you dont, you'll recognise a lot from pop culture. This is one of the reasons the reboot used so much TWOK, it wanted a connection with the films best and most well-known franchise.

Additionally, theres no denying that most star trek movies arent particularly amazing, so I think it becomes overrated just because it stands out. I kind of feel the same about 'First Contact', I dont actually like that movie, but dismissing that I think it gets overrated in general because it stands out as the only TNG film people tend to like. Sure, some people like Nemesis and Insurrection, but Ive found those people to be in a minority.

I think TWOK is a really good film, but if its a 10/10 for Trek its probably a 7/10 in general.
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