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Re: Was there ever a planet, where u said... "Surely that's good enoug

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Damn, I got to this thread too late to make the obvious "Fair Haven" joke...
Still plenty of time (especially since I only got here just now myself)! Just imagine, a galaxy littered with identical Irish Pubs. The preservers/guardians/galactic Johnny Appleseeds have nothing -- but NOTHING -- on the Guinness franchise for discovering the secret of universal fecundity.

As for the whole idea of colonization, though, I think that only came up three times: the 37s (where it was voted down 144 to zero); Resolutions (a life with no one but Chakotay? the horror! death by boredom by year's end...); and Year of Hell when the crew was sent out in escape pods with not much more than their uniforms on their backs (so much for all that technology). And that was a false start, obliterated with the universal reset button.

So methinks the Voyagers were always intended to be ... well, just what it says on the tin.
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