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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #61: Worf, Captioning with Honor

Garak: "I can't find the antimatter inducer."
Worf: "Move your hand up and to the right."
Garak: "Here?"
Worf: "It would be easier if you would simply look down."
Garak: "Starfleet flies these things without looking down."
Worf: "Merde."
Garak: "What's that?"
Worf: "Something Captain Picard would say on occasion."
Garak: "What does it mean? my translator didn't convert it."
Worf: "Neither does mine, Computer what does the word "merde" mean?"
Computer: "French food."
Garak: "Is that a accurate translation?"
Computer: "Have you ever eaten French food?"

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