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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I watched The Talons of Weng-Chiang recently. I ended up watching the whole serial in one sitting. That almost always happens to me.
It's really hard not to even though sometimes it's probably unfair to some of the serials that weren't meant to be watch that way.

My last was The Mind Robber because it was one of the scant classic series episodes streaming on Netflix. It's cool that they have all or close to all the new episodes but it'd be great if their classic selection was larger.

I've tried watching this one before but lost interest for whatever reason but I found it pretty watchable this time around. I found faux Jaime quite amusing and Zoe's catsuit is a bonus. Medusa was an interesting use of limited resources.

It's meta nature reminded me some of the new series.
(Copied from a transcript: )
DOCTOR: Of course he is. Don't you understand? This world that we've tumbled into is a world of fiction. Unicorns, minotaur, Gulliver's travels, they're all alive here.
ZOE: Then what are we doing here? What do they want with us?
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