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Re: Why Is Diversity Focused Only On Race & Species?

Christopher wrote: View Post
And we had plenty of characters in DS9 who didn't agree with the mainstream Starfleet view.
Who were outside of Starfleet, with a very few exceptions. I would advocate diversity within a Starfleet crew.

Outside of Starfleet, an organization that many of them left behind. In Voyager, once they joined Janeway's crew, their maquis opinions quickly became muted.

Seven of Nine to challenge Federation ethics on a regular basis
While part of Janeway's crew, she was not inside Starfleet, her status was more Neelix, Kes and those adorable Borg kids.

... no money ... money ...
DS9 often pitted the Ferengi's capitalist values against the Federation's post-scarcity standards, and was sympathetic toward both.
I was thinking more showing that the Federation itself had a diverse economic system internally. Show that while the Federation obviously has a monetary system Picard wasn't just talking dreamily when he said no money. Some people in the Federation, in Starfleet, active choose to live moneyless in a system with money.

And their names are Kira Nerys and Ben Sisko.
Kira isn't in Starfleet, and for the purpose of a clear example of diversity Kira isn't a religious Human who serves right next to a atheist Human, Showing that Starfleet doesn't restrict either from openly following their beliefs. And also openly expressing their beliefs in a public fashion.

Seriously, just about everything I'm hearing here is something that DS9 or some other Trek series has already done.
Okay, a Starfleet officer who believe in euthiasia for disabled children. Put them next to someone like LaForge who would have been the beneficiary of such a procedure.

An officer who openly question one of the Federation's core principals, the Prime Directive. Seat them across from a "Picard" with a argument that (hopefully) makes sense.

Show that everyone with a heartfelt philosophical principal, likely has a counterpart serving along side them.

I would really like to see an officer explain openly that the reason the viewers didn't see any gays in Starfleet was that we were prevented from serving, for a reason that was formally support by some members in the Federation, and also some officers in Starfleet. Show the Federation is gaining diversity on a continuous process.

Don't just hand wave the absence of gays away with "Oh gays were alway there, you just didn't see them."

So I really don't understand the allegation that Trek has somehow failed to go there.
Dipping your toe in the water Christopher, isn't the same as jumping into the deep end of the pool.

Remember "The Outcast?"

And who the hell said anything about "human viewpoints?"
That would have been me. Starfleet ... I can't see influences from the other cultures. It has a Human style military structure, the rank system is American/British ... they have the rank of "Commander."

Other than "class M planet" perhaps coming from the Vulcans, what absolutely screams Vulcan to you?

Or Andorian? Or anybody else?

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