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Re: Crossover with other franchises?

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Anybody interested in a Star Trek: TNG / Survivor crossover? What would Worf do to become the Sole Survivor? Or perhaps Star Trek: Voyager / Amazing Race? Can Tom and B'Elanna handle the stress of the Race and each other? Maybe Data and the Doctor could try out for the X-Factor? What about Bashir showing off on America's Got Talent?
You can't have nauseatingly nice people in Survivor - you need people who have at least one personality flaw (that said - in season 1, Colleen's personality flaw was that she was too nice). However, I did run across a Doctor Who/Survivor story a long time ago, and it was quite well done, with a twist ending I'd certainly never have expected.

I'd put Worf on Big Brother, though, or possibly The Amazing Race. After all, those require social skills and dexterity a lot more than sheer brute strength. And the idea of Amazing Race is to see something of the different locations, learn about local customs, etc.

Does Bashir have any talent besides dressing up nice and playing darts?
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