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Actually no, no proof was given...
YES the proof was given, and by far more than "two drunk elderly English guys." You just choose not to believe it, or even investigate it, because you would prefer to believe in aliens.

There's a big difference between "There is no proof" and "I don't believe the proof." We learn this from a study of creationism -- particularly young Earth creationism -- which somehow manages to look at the entire volume of scientific literature and see "Not enough data; inconclusive."

And as for intervention, I mentioned that many instances, made by people from the military, came foreward and talked about how they encountered UFO's that 'turned off' their nucealr misisle silos...
But not permanently, and not all of them, which is EXTREMELY significant. IF that is an example of alien intervention, it is one of aliens testing their ability to systematically disarm us if we ever decided to oppose them (or if not aliens, some sneaky Russians in a top secret aircraft). "Intervention" can be said to have lasting effects, which UFOs and/or alien abductions never really produce.

Case in point:
It's like when you have 2 bratty kids ready to get into a fight, and each grabs a big, pointy stick. If you walked by them and saw this, if one is a responsible person, you'd go and stop the fight, and that their sticks from then.
Only to give to throw them on the floor where those two bratty kids can immediately pick them up and start fighting again?
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