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Re: I can't watch Enterprise anymore...

kythe wrote:
Archer's crew are more a reflection of how modern people (specifically Americans) perceive "problem solving" when it comes to threats. It doesn't show what we can be, it only reflects how we are now. There is a real "end justifies the means" attitude presented, since the hurtful actions Archer takes are presented as the "right" decisions for the circumstance. This is taking a low road for Star Trek, and I'm disappointed in it.
I thought they were subverting it. They started off looking for a fight, yet it was diplomacy and co-operation that won the day in the end. least until...

I'd also dispute that Archer was shown to be in the right for his more questionable actions. There was always T'pol or Malcolm or someone else urging Archer to dial it back or find another way.
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