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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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Eliminate money from the equation...
This won't help anything. People will still want to live better than their neighbors and be able to purchase the favors of others. You can't change human nature by changing an economy.

Human nature doesn't exist.
Human behavior on the other hand is a different story (and that can be changed - if it couldn't, we'd still be living in caves).
What you are talking about are wants - those are a mere byproduct of society you live in - and capitalism distorts values on a massive scale encouraging consumerism which is wasteful (planned obsolescence and cyclical consumption) for the sake of profits which also damages the very planet we depend on to live - coupled with a broken educational system which doesn't promote critical thinking, problem solving or sustainability - nor does it provide people with RELEVANT general education (because if it did, they wouldn't be prone to being manipulated, used - and they would be able to govern themselves, effectively eliminating governments in the process).
We have the ability to produce abundance for every person on the planet to such a degree where they can live 2 to 3x better than the richest person on the planet today.
People often forget that money provides nothing more than access to something.
Creating a system based on access abundance (usership, instead of ownership) is possible - and no, not everyone would want to use a villa, a mansion, a car, yacht or even a penthouse (so please don't project).
To top it off, is it efficient or viable for everyone to 'own' 1 of everything? No. And its unnecessary because not everyone wants the same things in the first place.

Hrm... So who stocks the shelves at your grocery store, and why would they bother if they get resources whether they work or not? Who builds your house, and again, why would they bother? Who wires it up, and who repairs the powerlines after an ice storm? Who hauls your trash away? Who spends their day behind the desk at a hotel and who cleans your room when you leave? Who does all the things to support your existence and who builds and maintains all of the automation that's producing the raw materials?

Secondly, since you're nothing but a drain on the system, not paying or contributing anything, wouldn't it make more sense to divert all the resources going to you to someone who's a bit more productive?
First off, were you NOT paying attention when I mentioned automation?
Robotic arms have been invented in 1958 and we have robotic 'servants' TODAY.
However, since not everything is fully automated, some degree of physical labor until full automation can be brought in might be required (but not nearly as much as you might think) - and I need not remind you that there are numerous people who do various things because they WANT to.
Money is not the only motivation, and the purpose is to maximize automation wherever possible and remove humans from these aspects because they SLOW THINGS DOWN (machines do the same jobs hundreds/thousands of times faster, more efficient while not requiring sleep, breaks, pensions or health plans - among other things).

Second... 80% of the global population are in the service industry contributing nothing to society in the process.
The world economy is based on mere movement of money (that's how money is made today).

Money is a place holder that sends the market (ie people) signals about the value of various products and services so they can allocate time and resources productively, as opposed to some communist countries where nobody had toilet paper or feminine hygience products and factories sometimes paid their employees with crates of dildos.

What you describe is more of a cargo cult. Nobody builds anything and they just sit around waiting for magical stuff to arrive.
Those kinds of notions are vestiges of outdated/limited thinking that doesn't take into account our technological development or automation.
Money stopped representing resources a century ago when we had the ability produce abundance via technology (which is what humans have been doing since the industrial revolution).
Informing yourself of our history and technological breakthroughs over the past 120 years alone would be prudent.

Hrm... Here's a question. Do you know what the "capital" in capitalism is, and why it works?
The very same system that resulted in 1% of the global population controlling 40% of the worlds resources today?
The system in which 50% of the global population lives on less than $2 per day?
The system that produces artificial scarcity and results in close to 1.3 billion people who are currently starving, even though humanity has been producing enough to feed 10 billion annually for over 30 years?
The system that causes 15 million children deaths every year?
The system which doesn't tend to human needs and keeps basic necessities of life from you just so you would be subservient to the system and generate profit for someone else (slavery)?
The system that says we have an energy crisis even though we could have globally transitioned to geothermal and wind for baseload production by 1929 (at the latest) along with Tesla's wifi power transfer technology (which he made/demonstrated in 1891)?
The system that gives an illusion of a democracy even though it never existed?
The system that uses war as an excuse to attack other cultures for the purpose of obtaining their resources, killing people in the process, creating propaganda and intolerance - and also heavily profiteers from the said conflicts heavily?

Oh yes... I can see how the system 'works'.
We are who we choose to be but also have predefined aspects of our personalities we are born with, and make art that defines us.
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