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Lol - that's why I don't view the griping negatively. Turn that negative into a positive!
Sure, but it can be very destructive. Fans wonder aloud why people think that avid fans are embarrassing, and the fans manage to reinforce the stereotypes while they are in loud denial.

as if the writers had only picked their idea instead nobody would be griping at all - lol.
Agreed. I don't know any work of fiction that is acclaimed by 100% of the audience.

I fell into a pit of despair when I saw how terrible the science was in Prometheus. I won't say it ruined the film for me but I will say that it stopped the movie getting anywhere near the same high esteem in which I hold Alien or Aliens.
As someone who was too scared to see "Alien" on the big screen, but later was able to enjoy "Aliens", and who saw the other sequels out of a sense of completionist duty, I actually enjoyed my time in the cinema watching "Prometheus".

Was there a problem with the science?

Having said that, there are some things that are definitely right and definitely wrong. HAN SHOT FIRST!
In which alternate timeline?

This timeline is exactly how it is supposed to be. Many Worlds theory includes every possbile timeline and every possible timeline includes timelines impacted by time travellers.
Ah, but it seems that, in all/most of the parallel timelines, Kirk and Spock are destined to work alongside each other, and Kirk is destined to captain the USS Enterprise. And Spock Prime seems to know this.
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