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Re: Transphasic shields in the novels

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^Well, yes, that's exactly what I just said -- that the armor let them survive long enough to achieve another goal. As you say, it was the torpedoes that caused the Queen to withdraw, so I don't know how that even counts as a point about the armor.
Well the survivability was with one ship against multiple Borg Cubes which is better than Starfleet ships would do in that situation seeing as one cube can take on a whole fleet.

Plus the Borg seemed to be throwing everything they had at Voyager so the fact that they survived more that .00000000000000000001 seconds in the situation kind of makes the armor sound impressive.

Any way the armor stuff isn't transphasic shielding. Transphasic shielding was something Sisko and Vaughn's guys cooked up in Rough Beasts of Empire before they fought the Borg of in the During Destiny part at the beginning.
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