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Aaaaggghhh. It's contagious. I'm griping about griping.

Life is too short for such negativity.
Lol - that's why I don't view the griping negatively. Turn that negative into a positive! I think it's hilarious the way people just can't let go of their own personal opinions, as if the writers had only picked their idea instead nobody would be griping at all - lol. Deep down I'd even love to think that it's true of my own opinions but of course that's nonsense.

I fell into a pit of despair when I saw how terrible the science was in Prometheus. I won't say it ruined the film for me but I will say that it stopped the movie getting anywhere near the same high esteem in which I hold Alien or Aliens. For every fan who'd agree with me there would be another three who'd have preferred more pew pew pew and explosions and less credible science.

Having said that, there are some things that are definitely right and definitely wrong. HAN SHOT FIRST!

The sad thing about the female issue is that it would take very little to stop me moaning and yet they continually fail to reach my relatively low standards. :P (in fairness to the comic, they are taking plodding steps in the right direction and if the redshirts issue has roughly equal male, female (and maybe even alien) security guards, I will give them an enthusiastic pass.

And there you go with the cave thing. I thought nobody would EVER find that contrived plot device to acceptable. I suppose what I don't understand is why the universe would care. This timeline is exactly how it is supposed to be. Many Worlds theory includes every possible timeline and every possible timeline includes timelines impacted by time travellers. I will concede that it's impossible to defend Trek one way or another on this issue.
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