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Christopher wrote: View Post
You can use it as an excuse to whine and gripe and be perpetually negative...
Which, to me, always seems counter to the positive messages sent to us by Star Trek.

In a different online place, I see people griping about Peter Jackson's late decision to expand "The Hobbit" into three films now, instead of two. The whining and griping is taking some bizarre turns. Not only are some concerned there won't be enough material for three films, others are actually complaining that there will be only a six-month break between the last two premieres, thus robbing them of their traditional Christmas treat. When they haven't even had the first one yet.

Getting this back onto topic, we see lots more griping with IDW's ST stuff. Five-parters are too long, two-parters should be three, single issues are "filler", tell us more about Keenser/who wants to waste time learning about Keenser.

Poor ol' B. Cumberbatch got fans cranky for complaining that he was tired of keeping secrets from them. And then - he failed to be explicit enough in his quoted whining to give any clues as to what secret role he was playing.

Aaaaggghhh. It's contagious. I'm griping about griping.

Life is too short for such negativity.

Pauln6 wrote: View Post
Well, personally I'm not moaning and griping for the sake of it.
Except if it concerns roles for female characters. (Perhaps Bob Orci deliberately encourages IDW to use female regulars sparingly, because so did TOS? And the movie?)

And I really don't see any way to rationalise or improve upon Kirk stumbling across Spock in a cave.
I do. Because we've seen before that, in its attempts to self-correct timelines that have been altered, the universe does seem to draw certain people together. I accepted this seeming coincidence as part of that repair. Ditto Scotty turning up, right on queue. (When this happens to me in real life, that "six degrees of separation" stuff, encountering certain people in various situations over and over, at different times in my life, it can be quite chilling. Even on Facebook, it's incredible who can turn out to be a "friend of a friend". I once encountered two people I know very well, from totally different times/places in my life, sitting together in a random park eating lunch; they'd known each other for many years.)

Even so, coming back to the comics, aside from some of the silliness that was already present in the original episodes, they are keeping the characters on a relatively even keel so far.
Yep. By design, since IDW is still treading water, letting the films unfold first.
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