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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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Ugh! Two words I had hoped to never hear again once I left the corporate world.
Sorry, meant it more in the purely mathematical sense, not the corporate doctrine (certainly not the trademark of Motorola). I'm not really talking about the manufacturing of the discs anyway... I was referring more to the proposal to crowd-source (i.e. using the fans) to spot any visual or auditory blunders that might slip through the cracks before disc replication even begins.

If the TrekCore DVD screencaps are a good representation of how many total shots there are in TNG (57,361 images), then 6 standard deviations is certainly overkill (1 defect in 506,797,346) -- 4.5 would be enough (1 defect in 147,160).
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